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Based in the Toronto area, serving all of Canada
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Who's behind HD Outdoor?
events and equipment sales. Although Matt's devoted to his work, and likely loves his job more
than anyone has a right to, whatever energy he has left is spent driving fast cars, looking for
the best falafel in Toronto, and trying to nail that crazy drum fill in YYZ.

His true raison d'être, however, is to write an raunchy comedy screenplay that does not totally
blow chunks.

Please wish him luck.
A few years later and now based in Montreal, Matt bought out his
competition, and soon after was the first to introduce multi-head
technology to the province, nailing the most lucrative onsite
promotion contracts in history with both Labatt Canada and radio
station CHOM-FM, along with hundreds of other corporate and media

Matt then moved the operation from Quebec to Ontario, re-branding
the company as
ImageProjection. By now a large percentage of the
business was outdoor projections, putting on hundreds of events for
corporate, municipal, and residential clients.

In 2011, the HD Outdoor brand replaced ImageProjection, now
focusing solely on
full-service outdoor movies, both fully-produced
Matt Drury grew up in St-Sauveur, Quebec, and started his first company, Skyscraper
Searchlights, (Eclairage Gratte-Ciel) when he was 17, renting out a big, hulking beast of a WW2
searchlight for special events. (For some more backstory, including how rusty old hot water tanks,
dead batteries, toaster ovens and Al Gore helped along the way, read
“The audience response to
Movies Under the Stars was very
positive, due primarily to Matt's
professionalism. I recommend
HD Outdoor without hesitation.”
Donna McCurvin
IRIE Film and Music Festival
Home of the "100% Weather Guarantee"
If we can't show your entire movie due to
rain—even the last second!—we'll redo it at a
later date at no rental charge. Ask for details.
(905) 447-3535
What time can we start your movie? See our Movie Start Time Chart
STILL the only company with a 100% Weather Guarantee . . . New for 2020: true cinema-grade 4K laser projectors

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Rentals starting at $850 for 50 cars - Includes FM transmitter
Options up to 60ft-wide image & 250 vehicles
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