How much does it cost to do an outdoor movie?
From about $500 to $3000. The primary factor is expected audience size. This affects screen size, audio
system requirements, and projector choice. Secondary factors include site and installation details (like
location and ground surface), and whether the event is residential or corporate/municipal.

Do you do residential events?
Yes. Our smaller residential packages can turn any backyard into a thrilling cinema under the stars. Or, watch
playoffs or the World Cup! Also great for Sweet Sixteens, birthdays, and Mitzvahs. For some extra fun, start it
off with a slide show!

What size audiences can you accommodate?
From a small backyard gathering to over 3000.

What does licensing mean?
Movie licensing means paying for the rights to show copyrighted material, and is necessary for most public
film screenings. No licensing is needed for backyard events. More on
movie licensing.

Can you take care of the licensing?
While you can do it yourself, we have made arrangements with the two major licensing bodies, allowing us to
make the application for you. For more licensing info, see
Movie Selection.

What type of projectors do you use?
All our projectors are either native HD or 4K 16:9 widescreen units with up to 8000 lumens. We do not use
regular computer projectors, whose lower resolution, low contrast ratio and poor colour accuracy ruin the
movie experience. With us it's the best of the best from beginning to end, meaning what you see on our
screens is exactly what you see at the movies.

What time can you start?
We can start the pre-show (if you have provided us with sponsors' logos, community messages or other
content) around sunset. The movie can usually start about 15 minutes later. To know when it gets dark, see
our handy
Outdoor Movie Start Time chart. Note that weather, nearby lighting and projector choice can affect
start times. Of course time isn’t a factor indoors.

What kind of movies can you show?
Just about any! Go to Movie Selection to find out. A great resource is, which lists every movie
ever made. Start by searching by genre.

Is it only for movies?
Not at all. We can display regular and HD TV, satellite and cable feeds, live camera feeds, video games, Pay-
Per-View events like UFC, Twitter and Facebook feeds, etc. We can even show smartphone or tablet content.

Where do you provide your services?
We do outdoor movies anywhere in the country, and work with a network of outdoor movie event producers
across the States. Outside Ontario, it generally makes the most economic sense when 3 or more consecutive
days are booked.

Can we advertise on your screen before the movie?
Yes. Just bring your laptop or USB stick with your content.

What about wind?
We use Airscreens, which are rated for up to 36km/h wind, and OAC screens which are rated up to 56km/h.
Metal-framed screens
are uninsurable for outdoor use as they present a hazard in wind.

What about rain?
We have the best weather policy around! While other providers only offer a 50% or 75% guarantee, we offer
a 100% guarantee: if rain causes ANY amount of your feature to not be shown, even the last second, we
offer a free make-up date in the next 10 months. Only travel and labour fees will be due. Even better, if you
cancel before we leave, there's no fee whatsoever.

Do you do indoor events?
Sure do. We have screens that will fit in rooms with as little as 2m (7 ft) of ceiling height.

Can you do double features?
You bet. You bet.

What kind of video sources can you work with?
Most of the professional-grade media we work with is HDCam and hard disk-based. The main consumer-
grade source we use is Blu-Ray. We can usually accommodate any other source, using a variety of interface
standards like SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB/HV, and component. We can also transfer your HD-Cam media to Blu-
Ray to avoid the added expense of an HDCam deck rental.

How do I book a date?
Once we've established availability for your dates, we issue the event contract, which we ask you to sign and
return with a 50% deposit. Your booking is then complete. Balance is due by event date for new accounts.

Is the deposit refundable if I need to cancel?
Yes, unlike some other providers, your deposit is fully refundable within 30 days of booking, unless otherwise

Are you insured?
Yes, we carry $2M liability, and can name the client as additional insured on written request.

Will you sponsor or partner with us for our event?
We're always interested in sponsorship and partnering opportunities. Give us a call and let's chat.

Parlez-vous français?
Bien sûr! Nous sommes bilingues chez HD Outdoor.

Can you set up the screens on hard surfaces?
On hard surfaces where ground stakes can't be used, we have several options: our no-touch vehicle
anchoring system that we developed at HD Outdoor, or cement weights. On soft surfaces like grass where
underground hazards like wires or pipes exist, we use an ingenious non-invasive anchor system, also
developed in-house by HD Outdoor. Extra fees may apply.
Information subject to change.
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