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Northern Lights
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Touchstone Pictures
Hollywood Pictures
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Baby Einstein
Disney Nature
Pixar Animation Studios
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Columbia-TriStar Pictures
Triumph Films
The Hot Ticket
Destination Films
Stage 6 Films
Screen Gems
E1 Entertainment
Séville Pictures
Christal Films
Summit Entertainment
MGM Studios
Orion Pictures
United Artists
Universal Studios Canada (MCA)
Monterey Media
D Films
Equinoxe Films
Samuel Goldwyn
TVA Films
Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Atopia Distribution Inc.
AZ Films
Destination Films
Film Movement
Rose Film Inc.
Fun Film Distribution
Capri Films
Max Films
Maximum Films
Productions Phare Est Inc.
Kinosmith Inc.
JFM Investments
Karim Productions
Kenneth Anger
Killiam Show Inc.
Kings Road Productions
Krypton Int. Corp.
L & T Film Corp Ltd
Les Films du Jeudi
Les Prod Les Ordre Les Prod
Les Productions Optima Inc.
Lionheart Productions
Lucas Films
Magnum Pictures Inc
Majestic Films
Mandalay Entertainment
Manesco Films Ltd
Mangum International Prod Inc
Maple Pictures
Martin Lavut
Michael Jones
MichieGleason Joint Productions
Midwest Film Prod.
Miramax Films
Mongrel Media
Morgan Creek
Morley Markson Assoc
Morrie Ruvinsky Films
Motion International Inc.
Motion Picture Holdings
Mrs S Bhattacharya
MSD international Corp
National Telefilm Assoc
MVS Productions
New Horizons
New Line Cinema
New Yorker Films
Norstar Releasing
Norstar Releasing Inc.
Odeon Films
Optima Productions Inc.
Paragon Motion Pictures Inc
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Vantage
Pathe Cinema Corp
Patmar Films
Peter Rowe Films
Phoenix Films
Picadilly Theatre Inc
Pinball Summer
Productions Prisma
Quartet Films
Rai Corporation
Rearguard Productions
Rene Malo Films Inc
RKO General Pictures
Rolf Lyssy
RSL Films
Savoy Pictures
Selkirk Communications Ltd
Sony Pictures Classics
Stalkers Productions
Stan Brakhage
Stanley Halperin
Sveriges Radio
Swedish Film Institute
Sylvia Spring
T. Koerfer Films
Tartan Films
Tinc Prod. Corp.
Trans Atlantic Entertainment
Troma Entertainment Inc.
Turner Classic Movies
TVA International
USA Films
Valiant Int'l Pictures
Vauban Productions
Viking Films Ltd
Vision International
Warner Brothers
Warner Independent Pictures
WEG Acquisition Corporation
The Weinstein Company
Weltvertrieb Filmverlag
Will Vinton Prod.
World Marketing Film
Worldview Entertainment
Xybermedia Inc.
20th Century Fox
ABC Distribution
ACLF Films Ltd
Adair Films
Agincourt Productions
Alain Vannier Roissy Films
Alliance Releasing
Ambassador Film Distributors
American Cinema Marketing
American Educational Films
American Zoetrope
Ampix Ltd
Andre Pepin Films
Artisan Entertainment
Auriga Films
Badland Pictures
Big Ideas Inc.
Bobby Roth Resistance Films
British Film Institute
Buzzy Film Ent. Ltd.
Cactus Films
Canamedia Productions Ltd
Carnaval Films
Carolco Television
CBS Theatrical Films
Cinak Cie Cinematographique
Cine Club International
Cine-Int's GMBH & Co
Cine-London Inc
Cine-Neighbour Inc
Cinema Centre Films (CBS)
Cinema III Registered
Cinema Plus
Cinemagyar (Hungarofilm)
Cinepix Inc
Cinepix Inc (Bonus Group)
Clarke Mackey
Clearwater Films
Contemporary Films
Cookie Jar Entertainment
Licensed by ACF                    
Licensed by Criterion                                                                                                     ____________________________
The following studios are represented in Canada either by ACF or Criterion. They are not competitors--rather each one represents different studios.
What kind of movies can you show?
For backyard events, no license is required and you can show anything you want, anytime.  For public or corporate events, a license is
likely required. However, some organisations like schools and churches often already have a site or "blanket" license. Check with your
Just about anything! If you can find it on IMDB or see it in a store, you can probably show it. That's tens of thousands of films and TV
shows. The notable exception is Disney, which generally prohibits public outdoor screenings in the summer.

Don't know the process? We're happy to assist.

Better safe than sorry
Think discs are bulletproof? They're not. That's why for commercial events we always bring a second copy of the film as a backup in case
the first fails.

Licensing fees
Home market titles: approx. $100-400. These are on Blu-ray HD, and are 16:9 widescreen.
Pre-release titles: approx. $350-500 (pre-release means out of the cinema but not yet in stores). These are not HD, but rather
lower-resolution (sometimes VHS), and may not be in widescreen, but in 4:3. This is to prevent flawless duplication and hence piracy.

NOTE: Studios control all policies, title availability, etc., not us.
Crawley Films Ltd
Credit Lyonnais Bank
Creswin Films Ltd
Creswin Pictures
Croation Creation Prod.
David Cronenberg
Deerfield Enterprises
Desperado Productions
Dimension Films
Don Shebib
DreamWorks SKG
E Hillenbrand
Epic Productions
Essential Cinema Ltd
Faroun Films (Cda)Ltd
Fat Chance Inc
Filecard Inc.
Film Arts
Film Assest Holding
Film Consortium of Canada
Film Kollekpic
Films Incorporated
Film Tonic Inc.
Film Ventures Int'l
Filmkillekpiv Zurich
Fine Line Features
Focus Features
Fox 2000
Fox Atomic
Fox Family Films
Fox Searchlight
Frank Vitale
Frontier Amusement Canada Ltd
Ganga Distribution
Graeme Ferguson
Greg Miller
Hart Pomerantz
Hurlock Cine-World Inc
Intercont. Film Service
International Film Exch.
Italnoleggio Cinematografico
ITC Enterprises Inc.
Jack Darcus
Janus Films
Virtually all movie
licensing in Canada is
controlled by:
See their sites for
up-to-date availability
When does it get dark? See our Movie Start Time Chart
Home of the "100% Weather Guarantee"
If we can't show your entire movie due to
rain—even the last second!—we'll redo it at a
later date at no rental charge. Ask for details.
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HDO facts:  We're the only company with a REFUNDABLE deposit . . . We have screens for 5 to 3000 viewers . . . We have multiple screens and trucks to cover simultaneous events
If they made it, you can probably show it
for the first time ever HD Outdoor has been
granted access to
for public screenings !