These times, all Fridays, are the approx. earliest we can usually begin an
outdoor screening
, using a standard projector. Upgrading to one of our
bigger projectors will result in an earlier start time.

This is based
on events located around 100 km of Toronto (to get a more
accurate idea for your longitude/latitude, go to www.sunrisesunset.com

Pre-show videos (if you have any) can begin about 15 min earlier.
Outdoor movie start times for the Toronto, Canada general area
When does it get dark? See our Movie Start Time Chart
Home of the "100% Weather Guarantee"
If we can't show your entire movie due to
rain—even the last second!—we'll redo it at a
later date at no rental charge. Ask for details.
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May 4: 8:40pm
May 11: 8:49pm
May 18: 8:57pm
May 25: 9:05pm

June 1: 9:12pm
June 8: 9:18pm
June 15: 9:22pm
June 22: 9:24pm
June 29: 9:24pm

July 6: 9:22pm
July 13: 9:18pm
July 20: 9:12pm
July 27: 9:05pm
Copyright HD Outdoor. Some images copyright Airscreen, Blue Moon
Aug. 3: 8:56pm
Aug. 10: 8:46pm
Aug. 17: 8:35pm
Aug. 24: 8:23pm
Aug. 31: 8:10pm

Sep. 7: 7:57pm
Sep. 14: 7:44pm
Sep. 21: 7:31pm
Sep. 28: 7:18pm

Oct. 5: 7:06pm
Oct. 12: 6:54pm
Oct. 19: 6:43pm
Oct. 26: 6:33pm